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Program for: American Society of Plant Taxonomists

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  ·  Systematics Section / ASPT

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  ·  Systematics Section / ASPT


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Symposium or Colloquium Presentation

  ·  A Historical Perspective on Chicago Area Botany
  ·  A Symposium in Honor of Sherwin Carlquist
  ·  Comparative Genomics, Development, Physiology and Systematics of the Brassicaceae and Cleomaceae
  ·  Deep Time: Integrating Paleobotany and Phylogenetics
  ·  Evolution in a Glaciated Landscape: Contribution of Endemism to Great Lakes Biodiversity
  ·  Integrating Plant Systematics
  ·  Integration of Spatial and Ecological Data in Evolutionary Studies
  ·  Plant Phylogenomics: Defining Synergies Between Plant Systematics and Genome Biology
  ·  Ranunculales - a Basal Eudicot Perspective of Angiosperm Evolution

Presentations for Society\Section: American Society of Plant Taxonomists

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