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Wednesday, July 11th

Wednesday, July 11th
8:30 am to 10:10 am · Continental A/Hilton
Session M23: Minisymposium: Organelle biology
Presiding: Katherine Osteryoung, Michigan State University
M23001July 11th 8:30 amContinental A/HiltonToward understanding plant peroxisome proliferation
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ASPB MinisymposiumZhang, Xinchun; Orth, Travis; Reumann, Sigrun; Fan, Jilian; Wenzel, Dirk; Quan, Sheng; Kyaw, Aung; Hu, Jianping.peroxisome division and proliferation
dynamin-related proteins (DRPs)
M23002July 11th 8:55 amContinental A/HiltonPlastidic type I signal peptidase 1 has a functional role in both the envelope and thylakoids of Arabidopsis chloroplasts.
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ASPB MinisymposiumShipman, Rebecca; Inoue, Kentaro.chloroplast proteases
chloroplast protein transport
organelle biogenesis
signal peptidase
M23003July 11th 9:20 amContinental A/HiltonBiochemical Analysis of Plant FtsZ1 and FtsZ2
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ASPB MinisymposiumOlson, Bradley; Osteryoung, Katherine.FtsZ
Chloroplast Division
M23004July 11th 9:45 amContinental A/HiltonEnhanced carotenoid accumulation as a result of alteration of metabolic sinks in transgenic plants
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ASPB MinisymposiumLopez, Alex; Van Eck, Joyce; Conlin, Brian; Paolillo Jr, Dominick; Li, Li.carotenoids
metabolic sink

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