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Tuesday, July 10th

Tuesday, July 10th
3:20 pm to 5:00 pm · International Ballroom/Hilton
Session M18: Minisymposium: Reproductive development
Presiding: Anireddy S. N. Reddy, Colorado State University
M18001July 10th 3:20 pmInternational Ballroom/HiltonA novel plant-specific splicing factor regulates Flowering in Arabidopsis
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ASPB MinisymposiumAli, Gul; Palusa, Saiprasad; Golovkin, Maxim; Prasad, Jayendra; Manley, James; Reddy, Anireddy S. N..splicing factor
pre-mRNA splicing
serine/arginine-rich proteins
alternative splicing
M18002July 10th 3:45 pmInternational Ballroom/HiltonNUCLEAR PORE ANCHOR, the Arabidopsis homolog of Tpr/Mlp1/Mlp2/Megator, is involved in mRNA export and SUMO homeostasis and affects diverse aspects of plant development
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ASPB MinisymposiumXu, Xianfeng, Morgan; Rose, Annkatrin; Muthuswamy, Sivaramakrishnan; Jeong, Sun Yong; Venkatakrishnan, Sowmya; Zhao, Qiao; Meier, Iris.Nuclear Envelope
Nuclear Pore
mRNA export
M18003July 10th 4:10 pmInternational Ballroom/HiltonInvolvement of the Solanum chacoense MAPKKK ScFRK1 in embryo sac development
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ASPB MinisymposiumLafleur, Edith; Kapfer, Christelle; Gray-Mitsumune, Madoka; Matton, Daniel P..Embryo sac development
pollen tube guidance
egg apparatus
M18004July 10th 4:35 pmInternational Ballroom/HiltonA putative CCAAT-binding transcription factor is a regulator of flowering timing in Arabidopsis
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ASPB MinisymposiumWu, Yajun; Cai, Xiaoning; Ballif, Jenny; Endo, Saori; Davis, Elizabeth; Liang, Mingxiang; Chen, Dong; DeWald, Daryll; Kreps, Joel; Zhu, Tong; Harper, Jeffery.flower timing
CCAAT-binding transcription factor

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