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Monday, July 9th

Monday, July 9th
8:30 am to 10:10 am · International Ballroom/Hilton
Session M08: Minisymposium: Education & Outreach
Presiding: Mary Williams, Harvey Mudd College
M08001July 9th 8:30 amInternational Ballroom/HiltonDevelopment of rapid-cycling Brassica rapa as a model for teaching genetics
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ASPB MinisymposiumAmasino, Richard; Woody, Scott.
M08002July 9th 8:55 amInternational Ballroom/HiltonIntegrating Computational Thinking into Biology Education and Outreach
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ASPB MinisymposiumNapoli, Carolyn.
M08003July 9th 9:20 amInternational Ballroom/HiltonImages of plant cell biology on DVD: information for students and a resource for teachers
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ASPB MinisymposiumGunning, B.plant cell biology
live cell movies
atlas of micrographs
M08004July 9th 9:45 amInternational Ballroom/HiltonMeta!Blast: development of a video game of cell and metabolic biology
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ASPB MinisymposiumBassham, Diane; Brown, Trevor; Brown, Tyler; Dickerson, Julie; Herrnstadt, Steve; Kabala, David; Miller, Elizabeth; Syrkin-Nikolau, Mashette; Vue, Gaoder; Wurtele, Eve.plant cell biology
metabolic biology
gene regulation
virtual reality

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