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Wednesday, July 11th

Wednesday, July 11th
2:00 pm to 5:10 pm · International Ballroom North/Hilton
Session S06: Major symposium: ASPB President's Symposium
Presiding: Richard Amasino, University of Wisconsin
S06001July 11th 2:00 pmWhen good genes behave badly - hybrid incompatibility in Arabidopsis thaliana
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ASPB President's SymposiumAspbmajorBomblies, Kirsten; Weigel, Detlef.hybrid necrosis
Arabidopsis thaliana
S06002July 11th 2:40 pmThe role of HD-ZIPIII / LITTLE ZIPPER interactions in the establishment of leaf polarity
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ASPB President's SymposiumAspbmajorWenkel, Stephan; Emery, John; Barton, M. Kathryn.
S06003July 11th 3:50 pmThe vernalization pathway in temperate cereals
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ASPB President's SymposiumAspbmajorDubcovsky, Jorge.flowering
S06004July 11th 4:30 pmEthylene mediates tomato fruit ripening by receptor turnover
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ASPB President's SymposiumAspbmajorKlee, Harry; Kevany, Brian; Tieman, Denise; Dal Cin, Valeriano.Fruit development
Hormone signaling

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