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Neves, Maria Alice [1], Binder, Manfred [2], Halling, Roy E. [1].

Phylloporus revisited: a new story from the gilled bolete.

The relationships of Phylloporus remain unclear despite several phylogenetic studies in the Boletaceae. Phylloporus has been seen as an unnatural group and was reduced to synonymy with Xerocomus based on limited DNA sequences from two north temperate taxa. While most Phylloporus species are pantropical, no studies on this group have included the majority of known tropical species along with north temperate taxa. Species of the genus are unusual in Boletaceae because of a lamellate rather than a poroid hymenophore. However, placement in the family has been confirmed by morphological, chemical, and recently gathered molecular data. Two of the major questions concerning Phylloporus involve support for monophyly and resolution of synonymy with Xerocomus. Morphological and molecular data were combined to test the monophyly of the genus and establish the sister group relationships within the Boletaceae. In this study, we present our results toward clarifying infrageneric phylogenetic relationships in Phylloporus; our analysis includes the largest selection of Phylloporus species represented in a phylogenetic study to-date. Phylogenetic relationships of 69 selected taxa of Phylloporus and Xerocomus were estimated by maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood. Aureoboletus auriporus was used as outgroup. A combined analysis for both nuc-lsu rDNA and ITS regions for Phylloporus specimens from Australia, Belize, Costa Rica, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Slovakia, Thailand, and USA indicates that Phylloporus is a monophyletic genus and confirms Binder's hypothesis that Phylloporus is closely related to Xerocomus subtomentosus group and not a synonym. This study establishes hypotheses for species distribution and morphological evolution in this important ectomycorrhizal genus, and establishes the groundwork for further analyses that will incorporate additional taxa and characters.

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1 - The New York Botanical Garden, 200 street & Kazimiroff Boulevard, Bronx, ny, 10458, United States of America
2 - Clark University, Department of Biology, 950 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts, 01610, USA

gilled bolete.

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