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Morin, Nancy [1].

The World of Plants at Your Fingertips.

· Learn: about the wealth of information available online, with a focus on taxonomic and floristic websites
· Where the data comes from and how it is managed
· What are its limitations what to watch out for
· What aspects of these resources do you NOT know about yetpowerful tools, unusual datasets
How can you help these organizations to improve content and function
The world of plants at your fingertips: A tremendous amount of information about plants is at your fingertips on the internet. What do you need to know about those resources to use them most effectively? Are there powerful tools you arent using yet? Are there limitations to the data or the retrieval methods that you should know about? In this workshop participants will get a high level overview of some of the largest online database projects and an indepth look at some regional and national resources.
The overview: Stinger Guala (USDA/PLANTS) will talk about the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, which is bringing facilitating the digitization of and global dissemination of primary biodiversity data, and James Macklin (Harvard University Herbaria) will talk about the International Plant Names Indexa major resource for plant names, literature, and authors. A representative from the Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) project of Ecoinformatics.org, will introduce taxonomic conceptshow different taxonomies may be represented in different data sets, what users should be aware of, and efforts underway to solve this fundamental problem.
In Depth: Bruce Baldwin (Jepson Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley) will give a tour of the Jepson Interchange and the Consortium of California Herbaria online resources, and a speaker (TBD) will talk about the development of Southeast Regional Network of Expertise and Collections (SERNEC), a similar site for the Southeast U.S., and Vegbank, an ecologically oriented site. Stinger Guala will introduce recent advances in the USDA PLANTS database and explain some of the lesser known datasets available there, and James Macklin will talk about resources available on the Flora of North America website. There also will be a demonstration of Missouri Botanical Gardens Botanicus, a remarkable portal to botanical literature. The workshop will be interactive, with question and answer opportunities and discussions among presenters and participants throughout. Participants will receive a CD of resource materials from the projects demonstrated as well as an annotated list of links to useful websites.

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1 - Flora of North America, P. O. Box 333, Point Arena, California, 95468, USA

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Presentation Type: Workshop
Session: W16
Location: PDR 2/Hilton
Date: Sunday, July 8th, 2007
Time: 1:00 PM
Number: W16001
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