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Russell, Scott D. [1], Gou, Xiaoping [1], Yuan, Tong [1], Wei, Xiaoping [1], Bhalla, Prem [2], Singh, Mohan B [2].

Characterization of the Pollen Transcriptome of Rice (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica Katy).

In order to better elucidate the genetic program of the male gametophyte, field grown, disease-free rice (Oryza sativa ssp. japonica, cultivar Katy) specimens were collected for transcriptome level characterization. Triplicate biological samples of anthesis anthers were collected from fields of Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center and University of Arkansas Extension Station near Stuttgart, Arkansas, quick frozen and transported for analysis. The microarray used was the Affymetrix Rice 51K GeneChip, an oligonucleotide chip with 57,381 probe sets representing comprehensive coverage of the 55,890 gene loci (62,827, with alternative splicings) in the Osa1 genome (release 4, TIGR Rice Annotation Project, http://rice.tigr.org/). The Affymetrix two-cycle cDNA synthesis kit was used to conduct linear amplification of isolated RNA. GCOS software was used for analysis following manufacturer protocols. All results met quality control criteria and triplicate samples showed high consistency as indicated by Pearson coefficients of correlation exceeding 0.9898 for pollen and 0.9918 for seedlings (sporophytic control). Of experimental probe sets, 12,228 (21.36%) reported present or marginal in pollen, with 22,565 (39.41%) reporting in seedlings. Of the 24,774 (43.27%) probe sets reporting, 2,209 (8.92%) were found only in pollen, 10,019 (40.44%) in both pollen and seedlings, and 12,546 (50.64%) only in seedlings. Transcriptome data were complemented by proteomic (Dai et al 2006a,b, Imin et al. 2004, Kerim et al. 2003) and MPSS (Massively Parallel Signature Sequencing; http://mpss.udel.edu/rice/) studies of male gametophyte lineages of rice revealing a complex and distinctive pattern of expression. Pearsonís coefficient of correlation revealed r=0.2038¬Ī0.0301 of pollen versus seedlings, reflecting strong divergence in their transcriptional complements. This reflects common themes with the pollen transcriptome of Arabidopsis for which there are multiple studies. The current study represents the first transcriptome of monocot pollen or that of a crop species.

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1 - University of Oklahoma, Department of Botany and Microbiology, 770 Van Vleet Oval, Norman, Oklahoma, 73019, USA
2 - University of Melbourne, ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research, School of Agriculture and Food Systems, Parkville, Victoria, 3010, Australia

Oryza sativa

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Date: Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
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