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Jabaily, Rachel S. [1], Sytsma, Kenneth J. [2].

Preliminary phylogeny of Puya (Bromeliaceae) and implications of an early divergent Chilean lineage.

Puya is a large (ca. 200 sp.) genus of Bromeliaceae that primarily inhabits the high altitude páramo and puna throughout the Andes. Several taxa are found in coastal habitats of central to northern Chile. Puya, formerly of subfamily Pitcairnioideae, was found to be sister to the Bromelioideae in a family-wide study. Puya has traditionally been split into two subgenera: subgenus Puya (7 species) has sterile inflorescence tips, presumably an adaptation for pollination by perching birds, and subgenus Puyopsis (all remaining taxa) has fertile inflorescence tips. Phylogenetic analysis was completed using several chloroplast spacers (trnG intron, matK-trnK, rps16 intron) and nuclear regions (ITS and partial sequence of RPB2). Results show a clade of almost all Chilean taxa, formerly placed in both subgenera (P. coerulea, P. venusta, P. chilensis, P. alpestris, P. berteroniana, P. gilmartiniae), is sister to the remainder of Puya, including several species from subgenus Puya (P. raimondii, P. castellanosii, P. boliviensis). Extremely little sequence divergence was found within the core of Puya, necessitating further screening of introns and low-copy nuclear regions for inter-specific utility in this group. Relationships between Puya and Bromelioideae remain unclear; in some analyses the Chilean Puya are sister to Bromelioideae and core Puya. Inflorescence development of Chilean Puya is considered in a phylogenetic context and a preliminary biogeographical scenario is proposed for the evolution of the group.

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1 - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Botany, 430 Lincoln Drive, Madison, WI, 53706, USA
2 - University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Botany, Birge Hall, 430 Lincoln Drive, Madison, Wisconsin, 53706-1381, USA


Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: CP16
Location: Stevens 3/Hilton
Date: Monday, July 9th, 2007
Time: 3:15 PM
Number: CP16008
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