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Al-Dwiri, Mahmoud [1], Alarid, Khalid M [2], Al-Eisawi, Dawud [1].

Survey of Plant Biodiversity along Zarqa River in Relation to the Quality of Water.

A survey for plant biodiversity along Zarqa River, Jordan, was carried out between April and August 2003. The study focused on the effect of water quality on plant biodiversity. Field surveys were conducted to allocate and identify the plant species along Zarqa River. Chemical status of the river was evaluated by analyzing water samples from eight sites along the river, covering the major segments and different sources of pollution. Samples were tested for 20 parameters including physical, deoxygenation, salinity; plant nutrients and heavy metals. The plant chemical composition was also examined for 14 parameters to investigate the effect of water on plants. A total of 262 plants belonging to 160 genera and 44 families were recorded. The water quality of the river was moderately to heavily polluted. This effluent causes severe deoxygenation of the raises salinity. Plant growth was severely affected by deoxygenation and organic pollution as indicated by the absence of several halophytes species which should be present. It has been recorded during this study also several species as a bioindicator for water improvement such as Vitex pesudo-negundo, Marobium vulgare, Atriplex halimus, Nerium olender as well as many others. This study underlines the necessity for integration between industrial development and ecological balance for the maintaining the healthy quality of human life.

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1 - Jordan University, Biological Sciences, Amman, Jordan
2 - Old Dominion University, Department of Biological Sciences, Mills Godwin Building, 45th Street, Norfolk, Virginia, 23529-0266, USA

water quality

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: CP30
Location: Williford B/Hilton
Date: Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
Time: 10:45 AM
Number: CP30003
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