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Yoo, Ki-Oug [1], Jang, Su-Kil [1], Lee, Woo-Chul [1].

Phylogenetic analysis of the Korean Viola based on three chloroplast markers.

Phylogenetic studies were conducted to evaluate interspecific relationships in 43 populations of Viola including 35 Korean taxa, five Japanese populations and three outgroups using trnL-F(trnL intron, and trnL[UAA]3' exon-trnF[GAA] intergenic spacer) region, the matK gene and the atpB-rbcL intergenic spacer regions of chloroplast DNA. The combined analyses of the three chloroplast regions provided a fairly robust phylogeny for Viola. Subsection Trigonocarpae and Hypocarpae of section Nomimium appeared as the most basal clade within the Korean Viola. Two species of section Chamaemelanium was monophyletic(bootstrap 100%), and the section Dischidium placed between section Chamaemelanium and three subsection clade (subsect. Bilobatae, Vaginatae, and Patellares) of section Nomimium. Section Nomimium was paraphyletic. Although each subsectional grouping was in accordance with previous infrageneric classification based on morphological characters, yet discordance remained at the series level. Two evolutionary trends observed in the combined tree were as follows. First, subsects. Trigonocarpae and Hypocarpae(x=10) was derived from the outgroup(x=4 or 6); Second, subsects. Bilobatae and Vaginatae(x=10 or 12), and subsect. Patellares(x=12) of sect. Nomimium were originated from sects. Dischidium and Chamaemelanium(x=6). Viola albida complex including three closely related taxa, and V. woosanensis derived from V. chaerophylloides and V. selkirkii were unresolved within subsection Patellares in parsimony tree.

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1 - Kangwon National University, Department of Biology, College of Natural Sciences, 192-1, Hyoja 2-Dong, Chuncheon, Kangwondo, 200-701, Korea

Viola, chloroplast DNA
molecular phylogeny.

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Date: Sunday, July 8th, 2007
Time: 8:00 AM
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