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Quedensley, T. Sultan [1], French, Rosemary A. [2].

Contributions to the Flora of Pico Zunil, Guatemala.

Pico Zunil is located in the trans volcanic belt of Guatemala and the Guatemalan highlands in this region are rich in plant species diversity. Three hundred twenty-three species in 123 plant families were collected from 2003-2006 on the northwestern slopes of Pico Zunil, a montane cloud forest habitat in southwestern Guatemala. Of the plants collected, three were new species records for Guatemala: Ageratina rivalis, Miconia tacanensis, and Verbesina sousae. Seven more species were new records collected for the department of Quetzaltenango: Ageratina pichinchensis, A. prunnellaefolia,, A. saxorum, Koanophyllon coulteri, Stevia triflora, Telanthophora cobanensis, and Tridax procumbens. Of the 323 species collected, 71 (21%) were known to be endemic to the western montane departments of Guatemala and the montane regions of southernmost Chiapas, Mexico. Species richness on Pico Zunil was evaluated from 2000-3542 m at the peak of Pico Zunil and compared across the elevational grqadient. The Asteraceae was the most species rich family at all elevations with 97 species collected. Epiphytes were not thoroughly collected in this study. Land use in the region of Pico Zunil is affecting cloud forest habitat, especially at elevations of 2300-2700 m where species richness and endemism were highest. GIS data was collated to create detailed mapping of the region. Measures of species richness and endemism between this study site and other montane cloud forest sites in Guatemala are similar and these results are available to support conservation efforts in tropical montane cloud forest ecosystems.

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1 - University of Texas at Austin, Plant Biology Graduate Program, 1 University Station, A6720, Austin, Texas, 78712, United States
2 - University of Texas at Austin, Section of Integrative Biology, Plant Resources Center, 1 University Station F0404, Austin, Texas, 78712, United States

Cloud Forest
Pico Zunil
Species Richness
Land Use.

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